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  • Radar & LoJack
  • K-9 Vehicle Designs
  • Radio Communications
  • D.A.R.E. Specialty Vehicles
  • Back-Up Electrical Systems
  • Vehicle Design Engineering
  • In-Vehicle Networks/Routing

Specializing in Mobile Command Center modifications and retrofit, PSI has a state of the art installation facility and staff that provides quality service and full documentation of all projects. PSI compiles expertise from a variety of areas from Radio Communications, to Video, to Pneumatics and mechanical engineering. PSI is the ultimate stop in maintaining and upgrading your mobile command units.

  • Light bars & Sirens
    • (Amber as well as Red/Blue)
  • Warning Controllers
  • Strobe Accessories
  • Command Post Retrofits
  • Mobile Data Solutions
  • Push Bumpers
  • Undercover Solutions

We provide consistent results built to your agency's specifications. The reliability of your vehicle is only as good as the equipment that goes into it. That's why from the warning lights to the fuses, all parts used by Public Safety Innovation are brand new and properly specified for your equipment.

Through design consultations with our engineer, we will help you address your employee's safety concerns from air bag deployment to placement of displays to securing of weapons.

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Vehicle Upfits

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