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PSI’s Response to Covid-19

A Note to Our Valued Customers:

In these challenging times, Public Safety Innovation, Inc., is taking all necessary precautions to protect our staff and our customers. With our small crew, we are having people work from home where appropriate and for the shop crew, maintaining a safe social distance of 6 feet when at all possible. Surfaces are wiped down with a cleaning solution equivalent to 60% alcohol.

Our intention is to maintain our crew so that we can continue to do what we do -- enabling those who serve the public to serve the public even better.

There are a lot of moving pieces at this time and many resources are being scrambled to assist with what is going on. If you have any needs that we can assist with, know that we are here and available to assist with power, repairs, communications or virtually any part of your mobile command center.

Chuck Schuler
P.E. President / CEO


Public Safety Innovation is your source for the latest in:

Communication Systems Integration

Complete VOIP phone, radio and satellite communication system integration from multiple agencies, designed to meet your agencies unique communication needs with efficiency and consistency on time and within budget.

MIT Networking Solutions

For the most reliable in hubs, switches, bridges, routers, WAPs, and gateways, PSI understands the challenges inherent with mobile networking systems.

Radio Communications

At the foundation of emergency communications, PSI is an authorized Reseller and Service Center for the Sytech RIOS Radio Communications Interoperability System.

Satellite Communications

Custom Satellite Communication Systems offer full IP address portability between satellites and teleport facilities.

Solar Power

Intermittent deployment can adversely affect vehicle powers systems, PSI offers solar solutions custom fabricated for your specialty vehicle..


Video communications systems capable of meeting the backhaul and distribution challenges of emergency situations.


Necessary for system maintenance, knowledge transfer and future development, PSI provides the documentation for the long term support of your investment..

Education and Training

Staying on the cutting edge of technology should never be a burden, education and training is available to ensure employees are confident in equiptment operation.