2017 MCC Rally, Sacramento.

When is the 2019 MCC Expo

Thursday, April 18, 2019. 9AM – 4PM

Where is the 2019 MCC Expo located?

Oracle Park (formerly AT&T Park), Parking Lot A – SAN FRANCISCO

How do I get to the 2019 MCC Expo?

See the SITE & TRAVEL MAPS menu

Who May Attend the 2019 MCC Expo

The 2019 MCC Expo is intended for public safety professional and volunteer personnel in fire, police, EMS, Search & Rescue, emergency management, communications, NGOs, and related fields

Is there a cost to attend the 2019 MCC Expo?

As a public safety sponsored event, there is no cost to attend.

Is there a cost for vendors to display a booth?

As a public safety sponsored event, we welcome vendors to display relevant technology at no cost. A 10×10 space will be provided (larger if you have a vehicle) but you will need to furnish table, chairs, and a power source (the vehicle display area is on the tarmac where there is no AC power source).

Who can I contact for more information?

Please contact Randall Larson at mccexpoplans@gmail.com