Update June 13, 2022: We are committed to relaunching the MCC Expo in early Spring 2023 and are seeking a venue in the Bay Area as well as additional volunteers to assist in organizing this event. Will post details once we have established a place and date. We’re also looking for a host agency with a large parking lot area to hold the 2023 MCC Expo. If you have such a site to offer during April of 2023, contact mccexpoplans@gmail.com !

UPDATE April 5, 2021: For those inquiring, there will not be an MCC Expo this year. We plan to restart the event in 2022. Thanks for your continued interest and support!

After diligent consideration, and in accordance with the direction of Governor Newsom and the recommendation of the California Office of Emergency Services regarding the holding of mass gatherings in the face of the growing coronavirus threat, as well as the input of a member of the City of San Francisco Dept. of Public Health on our management team, the command staff has decided to CANCEL the 2020 California Mobile Command Center Expo in the interests of public health.

With the current spread of the coronavirus throughout the US, it is clear that it would not be prudent to hold our event in the face of what is now being considered a pandemic. We will consider holding our event in the Fall, or devoting our resources to organizing the Expo in April of 2021.

Monetary donations from our 2020 sponsors will be refunded, with thanks for your generous and ongoing support of the CA MCC Expo. And those who have signed up to attend or display your command and communications vehicles we thank you for your support and look forward to re-establishing the event once the COVID-19 threat is over.

Sincerely yours,

Don Stabler, Incident Commander

Randall Larson, Founder/Plans Section Chief

Jon Baxter, SFFD Liason

Apparatus Display: A variety of mobile command and communications units are invited to demonstrate capabilities for Incident Management/ Support & Interoperability.

Training & Education: Classes will focus on Disaster Preparedness and Management.

The California Mobile Command Center Expo gathers together a wide variety of mobile command and communications units from around California in order to demonstrate the variety of capabilities and mutual aid operability of local and regional mobile comm units throughout the state. In addition to standing demonstrations of mobile units, classroom presentations will be offered on topics relevant to field communications, incident command, radio system technology, and reports from recent events.

2018 MCC Rally, San Francisco. Photo: Randall Larson

MCCs from a variety of disciplines and organizations including both state-of-the-art commercial units as well as DIY vehicles, in a myriad of sizes, shapes, and configurations.